General Server Rules

Administrators will never spawn items for players or teleport players, or give a player any advantage over other players using their admin abilities. In some cases during some announced events admins may spawn items for all players though. Admins are allowed to use godmode for their own safety, but (while in godmode) they are not allowed to attack players or damage structures.

Spamming, and advertising real life items and services as well as advertising websites is not allowed. Advertising your in-game sales is allowed, but keep in mind not to spam.

Any kind of harassment what-so-ever is strictly prohibited. Extremism, racism, homophobia, sexism and such will result in a permanent ban. Annoying other players by insulting them in text or voice chat is not allowed. Also do not play annoying songs and sounds over and over when using your microphone.

There is enough salt in the world as it is. We will allow players to express and deal with their angers for dying and failing in-game, but don't over-do it. If you are getting very angry over Rust please consider doing the following: leave your computer for at least 5 minutes, drink a glass of cold water, take some deep breaths, try to clear your mind, and try to realise: it is only a game. Hope it helps.

Your steam account profile name is your in-game username. Please make sure it is appropriate. This includes: no racism, no sexism, no homophobia, no extremism, no URLs in your name, and no advertising what-so-ever. If your username violates our rules, you will be kicked from the server with a message to change your name. When you reconnect and have not changed your username you will be kicked again and get a final warning. Reconnect again without changing your username results in a 30 day ban.

You can use signs as you see fit, but do not put offensive words or images on it. Pornographic images are not allowed when the sign is visible to everyone. It is only allowed inside a base where these signs are not visible from the outside, and you have a lock on your door preventing others from coming in. Inappropriate signs that are publicly viewable will be destroyed by our admins.

Using hacks and other game exploits is not allowed on any of our servers and will result in a permanent ban on all our servers.

PVE Server Rules

Do not claim land by placing tool cupboards all around if you are not going to build on or use that land at some point.

Do not build on roads. Do not block off anything including mining caves, waterways, swamps, and monuments and such. You are allowed to build bridges, as long as vehicles such as boats and cars can freely pass.

Do not loot other players and their deployables like furnaces, rifineries, fish traps, boxes, and such. It is the responsibility of a player to protect themselves from being looted by building walls around large furnaces and oil rifineries, or place such objects inside a building. Do not forget to put a lock on the door/gate and lock it. Our admins will not refund stolen items. Looters will be banned though.

Trap bases are not allowed on our PVE servers. They will be destroyed by our admins. Rebuilding it, will result in a ban.

Please do not litter. Do not randomly put stuff like foundations around that you are not going to use.

PVP Server Rules

On our PVP servers you are allowed to kill anyone, raid everything, pillage, plunder and all the good stuff Rust has to offer. Do not use hacks or other game exploits.

Roleplay Server Rules

We currently do not have any roleplay servers.

Event Server Rules

We currently do not have any event servers.


If you got banned from our server for either 1 day, 1 week or 1 month you are welcome back after that period. Violate our rules again and you will be banned permanently. If someone is getting banned permanently from a server they will be added to the ban list of all our servers within 24 hours.