Rust coming to console

FacePunch is ready for the next step to get Rust on console. They have announced this to be realised this year 2020. An exact date has not been given. Rust will be on PS4 and XBOX.

More information and trailer:

Are You Hardcore

Yup... our hardcore survival server is online. Are you up for it? 4 patrol helicopters will randomly spawn every hour, monuments will be guarded by scientists, and to make it even harder to get a foothold on the server zombies will randomly spawn on the map. Oh yeah... did I mention it is a PVP server? You also have to fight other players as well. So that means, you need to get the good weapons ASAP.

We will add some hardcore kits with weapons and gear you can buy for the next wipe soon.

There was a delay getting the server ready because some plugins did not work. We have solved the problems, and are at this point finishing the final tests on the server.