Life In Rust PVE

  • PVP server
  • Double gathering of resources - wood is 4 times
  • zLevels; get extra gathering bonusses for woodcutting, mining, skinning and aquiring
  • Higher stacking of items; resource stacking is 100,000
  • Furnace Splitter; evenly splits raw materials in your furnaces and adds the required amount of wood to melt it (can be turned off and modified)
  • No rotate and demolish timer; you can use your hammer to rotate and demolish anything you have built at any time
  • Remover tool; simply type /remove in chat and click on anything you have built or deployed to remove it (deployables will be put in your inventory)
  • Faster recycling
  • Chat Commands

/sil Add image: To add an image to a picture frame or sign: copy (CTRL+C) the URL of the image, and type in chat /sil and then paste (CTRL+V) the URL and press enter.

/remove Remover tool - simply click any building part, or deployable to remove it. Deployables will be added to your inventory.

/pm Send a private message. Usage: /pm <player> <message>

/license Info on vehicle purchase

/buy Buy vehicles

/spawn Spawn vehicle