Life In Rust PVE

  • PVE server
  • Players are unable to loot sleepers, deployables and dead player bodies and damage buildings
  • Double gathering of resources - wood is 4 times
  • zLevels; get extra gathering bonusses for woodcutting, mining, skinning and aquiring
  • Higher stacking of items; resource stacking is 100,000
  • Furnace Splitter; evenly splits raw materials in your furnaces and adds the required amount of wood to melt it (can be turned off and modified)
  • Decay has been disabled
  • Auto fuel: put lowgrade fuel and wood in your toolcupboard to fuel items like campfires, barbeques, lanterns, furnaces and refineries
  • No rotate and demolish timer; you can use your hammer to rotate and demolish anything you have built at any time
  • Remover tool; simply type /remove in chat and click on anything you have built or deployed to remove it (deployables will be put in your inventory)
  • Faster recycling
  • Loot protection; loot that spawns from killing NPCs like scientists, zombies, patrol helicopter and Bradley APC will be locked to the player(s) that have dealt the most damage, if your team dealt the most damage all players in the team can loot
  • Instant loot; you can get the loot immediately after you killed the patrol helicopter or Bradley APC - no more waiting for the fires to go out
  • Chat Commands

/sil Add image: To add an image to a picture frame or sign: copy (CTRL+C) the URL of the image, and type in chat /sil and then paste (CTRL+V) the URL and press enter.

/remove Remover tool - simply click any building part, or deployable to remove it. Deployables will be added to your inventory.

/pm Send a private message. Usage: /pm <player> <message>

/license Info on vehicle purchase

/buy Buy vehicles

/spawn Spawn vehicle